KLIMA Short Kimono Jacket


Limited Original Sake Jacket Kimono, 100% Lightweight Organic Cotton, Original One Size, High-Quality Screen Print, Produced in Frankfurt

Sake Jacket Design by Gabriel Stunz

Print design by Simon Rossow


Combining Culture and Design by connecting minimalism and the human touch.

Let the water flow for our nature and sake into our mouths.

We want to set an impulse – 10% of the proceeds are donated to an environmental organization.

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Cooperation by Klub Liebe Studio x IMA Clique


A union of two brands that love life and people. Combined they are KLIMA. Not just a name, also a purpose.

With this brand they want to draw attention to a current and acute topic, the “Climate Change”.

We believe that creating consciousness is a first step to pursue change.


Certification: Recycled Organic cotton| Spring/Summer 2022 Material 

Grammage: 150 g/m²

Material composition: 100% recycled organic cotton

Description: Unisex | One Size Fit | Organic Cotton | Fully produced and handcrafted in Frankfurt am Main | Vegan | Water Repellent | Reach Compliant | PFC free


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