Night Shirt, 1. Edition


Limited T-Shirt, 100% Heavy Cotton, Exclusive Oversize Fit, Over Shoulder Fit, Crew Neck, High-Quality Screen Print, Print design by Simon Rossow

Model is 1,89 tall and wears XL


The moon symbolizes the calm, nevertheless it illuminates very much and gives us light to see.

The hands on the wooden floor symbolize “KLS” in Sign Language.

The wooden floor stands for the ground for stability – at the same time it stands for warmth and magnanimity.

We want to set an impulse for growth.

A tee to lift your spirit due to the World-Situation!

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Inspired by Aboriginal Dot Art

The graphic design is based on the Aboriginal Dot technique, which is produced by repeated imprints of a paint covered object. The dots may be a background filler or an obscuring technique.

Creating this motive, the Designer Simon Rossow took inspiration from this art and transformed it’s different meanings into this finished artwork.

A tee to lift your spirit in this current global situation!

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S, M, L, XL


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